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About Five Points Framing

About Five Points Framing

My name is Chelsea Black and I am the Louisianian woman behind everything Five Points Framing! I made Buffalove my home in 2015 and am so elated to be diving in farther to my community via opening up this small business.

I first learned the art of custom framing under Dennis Wisniewski of Avenue Art & Frame. When Avenue closed its doors, I was illuminated by the opportunity to pursue this incredible trade on my own.

Custom framing is a one of a kind craft, working the balance of art and design with the technicality and precision of assembly. I love what I do and I hope to bring custom framing to you!

I have a passion for my own art as well as yours. In the Five Points Framing store you are likely to find several of my stained glass works on display. I've prepared a more extensive look at my work for you to observe on my website as well. Below you'll find a link to my personal art gallery, I hope you enjoy it!

SeaJayBee Glass

Stained glass by Chelsea Black

Custom Frames Chelsea looking at an art piece with a client